Happy Birthday Ryan Lemond

Ryan Lemond was all smiles at his 50th birthday party.

Ryan Lemond was all smiles at his 50th birthday party.


Sometimes you know immediately you are going to remember a certain event for a long, long time.

For me, that happened again Saturday night at my buddy Ryan Lemond’s 50th birthday party.

I cannot exactly remember the first time I met Ryan when he came to Lexington to work for WLEX-TV. However, I can remember that we have always hit it off well and over the years he’s done many, many things for me.

I think so highly of Ryan — and this is no joke at my age — that I want him to be one of the speakers at my funeral.

No way would I have missed this event and having the Bobby Perry Band there to play and entertain was superb. Ryan and his wife, Amanda, must have the best  neighbors in the world to allow them to set up the outdoor concert in their Masterson Station neighborhood. The band was great and didn’t let a few rain showers ruin the night.

Ryan — no surprise — even got on stage. First, it was for a tearful thanks to those attending. Second, it was to sing. Third, it was to sing again to end the music and get his 50th birthday cake.

His Kentucky Sports Radio crew — Matt Jones, Drew Franklin and Nick Roush — were all there. So were his parents and brother. So were  many, many others. Even country singer J.D. Shelburne stopped by on his way to Louisville to perform.

There’s no one quite like Ryan which is why so many UK fans love him and why I feel lucky to call him a friend.

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