Gran looking for right running back rotation

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshman running backs A.J. Rose and Benny Snell made a good impression on offensive coordinator Eddie Gran Saturday.

He said he liked the way all the running backs ran “physically downhill” during the practice.

“I thought the one thing we did well was that. We showed some toughness, we showed some breaking some tackles, making some plays. So looking forward to watching the film and seeing just how many yards after contact we actually did have,” Gran said.

“From where I was we missed a couple holes, missed some things, but I’m excited about where we’re at. We’ve got depth. That is really good at that position. If you have depth at that position, you have a chance.”

Junior Boom Williams, who had an elbow injury last season, is still being held out of contact work, which means other backs like Rose and Snell are getting extra reps. Another running back,  Mikel Horton, twisted an ankle Saturday and that could give the freshmen more practice reps.

So how does Gran, who also coaches running backs, plan to develop a running back rotation in games?

“Like today was their first test. With their first test we’ll grade them by assignments. If they don’t know what to do and when to do it then they’ll be on the sideline with me and the other guys will get more reps,” Gran said.

“I’ve been fortunate at times when I’ve played two running backs or I’ve played three – they all three knew what to do. We weren’t losing much in there. So that’s what we’ve got to find out in the next three weeks.”


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  1. I really like Eddie Gran.

  2. He does seem to have a good handle on what he wants from the team. I’ll like him a lot better when we start winning the ones we are supposed to win and a few that we were supposed to lose!

  3. I like Gran also, but to be absolutely honest, most running backs UK faces run through their attempts at tackling, so to me, when UK’s running backs break tackles in practice, that is nothing new. That has been UK’s biggest problem for several years. No one knows how to tackle.

  4. True statement. These kids have played football their whole lives most of them. But they come to Kentucky and immediately forget basic fundamentals. Been this way since I can remember.
    Other thing is. This program will never succeed. Doesn’t even have the chance. Problem is the fan base and coaching. Hate to say it about the fans. Most UK fans are only basketball fans and even a lot of them are fair-weather. Most constantly hate on…and demean our football program and won’t give them the time of day. Our players pick up on this culture. I know as fans we are constantly let down and we get mad but we still have to support them. Cleveland Browns are terrible yet they still have rabid support. Look at the cubs. When people year in and year out cash out and say this team is trash…hear it all the time here in Owensboro…what can you expect from the players. Nothing. You see what you get. Couple of wins….bad game…people cash out…they lose confidence….they start shooting themselves in the foot. Never confident. And Always shooting themselves in the foot in very winnable games. Never ever sure of themselves. No support. Not like they should. No reason KY shouldn’t be competitive In both football and basketball. Other teams do. KY can’t for some reason. You have programs that have never won a national title consistently better and out performing KY and KY believe it or not had a national title.

    1. The football culture at UK is changing Jared. There are still plenty of die hard UK football fans around. Your point is well taken, however, in that fifty years of losing football, generally speaking, is hard to take. With that said, look at the facilities now. Look at the talent Stoops has brought in. When the smoke clears lots of football fans pack CWS, and have for years all the way back to old Stoll field and John Ray. Not many schools would survive a sport as dismal as UK football has been, but the fans keep coming back. As my good friend Norman says, keep the faith. I plan to do just that, I’m football first and always have been. Basketball is great, but it’s football’s turn now!!!! GO CATS!!!!!

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