Eliot seems confident Kobie Walker will play


Kobie Walker has yet to play a game at Kentucky after being redshirted last season, But defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot re-emphasized Wednesday that he is a “very good player” who could help UK at linebacker this year.

“Kobie is extremely athletic for his size. And Kobie has had a good training camp. I think Kobie, if there was a game tomorrow, you would see Kobie play quite a bit,” Eliot said.

Part of the reason is that he can cover the pass.

“He has the ability to cover like a safety and he has the size to play like a linebacker,” Eliot said.

That’s a rare combination UK could certainly use this season.


  1. Eliot is famous for blowing sunshine at a guy to pump him up when he knows he is not going to play the kid.

    1. You know this how?

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