Eliot on Bell, Bonner, Jones, Brown, Dubose


Defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot is never one to go into great detail with the media, especially when it comes to personnel.

However, after Wednesday morning’s practice, he did share insights on several players.

— Alvonte Bell.

“Coming here so late in August he needed to get ready physically. Courtney (Miggins) was more ready physically last year to play and that’s why he played and Alvonte redshirted. He needed to get stronger, he needed to get faster. He needed to get in shape. He’s been able to do that.”

— Jordan Jones.

“I think day to day our players know that they have to be disciplined, they have to come out here and do what’s asked of them all the time. I think that’s for every player, not just Jordan.”

— Tymere Dubose.

“Tymere has a lot of size, strength and quickness for being 320-330 pounds. So, he has that. Where it hurts you with him being injured is he missed all those fundamental reps in the spring and he missed all those fundamental reps in the summer.”

— Jordan Bonner.

“Jordan, he had to go to summer school so he’s not where some of the guys are physically that are here for the summer, but he’s still has a bright future. He has a lot of ability.”

— Eli Brown.

“Eli was able to redshirt last year so it enabled him to kind of take his time to learning the defense and concentrate on the little things instead of being force fed it for Saturday, so I think he’s picked up the defense better this fall than he did last.”

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