Eddie Gran on WR Kayaune Ross: “I think he’s really improving”

Kayaune Ross (Olivia Prewitt Photo)

Kayaune Ross (Olivia Prewitt Photo)


Junior college receiver Kayaune Ross has not played a game in almost two years, but look for him to make his mark at Kentucky this year.

He’s a big, physical receiver with a confident, determined personality. Once you meet him, he’s impossible not to like.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said Monday that he could see Ross picking up the offense better each day.

“Love his big body. He had two really good catches in the scrimmage, a good touchdown where you can see you’ve got the one-on-one mismatch. Gave him a chance to catch the ball,” Gran said. “So his is going to be, like any transfer, about learning the offense, learning how to play at this tempo.

“Sometimes you don’t play at this tempo, how fast the bullets fly. I think he’s really improving, and he’s got to continue to do that for him to be on the field for us.

“He might be one that, I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes: If he’s ready, maybe he gets some snaps; if not, might be the sixth game before he helps us. But that’ll all be on him as he progress.”

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