Darin Hinshaw: “We have the tools, we have the playmakers.”


Does Kentucky have the playmakers to produce a productive offense like what coaches Eddie Gran and Darin Hinshaw had the last three years at Cincinnati?

If Hinshaw, the quarterbacks coach, is right, the answer is YES.

“Coach Gran and I put the system in at Cincinnati and the playmakers were not there. We had to develop them. Guys who had not caught passes or even played had to be playmakers,” Hinshaw said. “We came here and I see the talent level of guys who if they trust us and do what we tell them to do have a chance to be huge players.

“Mark Stoops has done a phenomenal job recruiting. We have a slew of receivers that can produce in the SEC. I really believe that. We have running backs who can. Tight ends who can. We have a solid offensive line. We have the tools, we have the playmakers.”

So the offense should flow smoothly and be productive?

“Now just because you have good players, you still have to do it on the field and that comes from hard work. Not sitting there being all about me. Got to be about team and doing it together,” Hinshaw said.

“If you are not running your route as hard as you can and you are loafing because you are not getting the ball, that is when offense breaks down. The biggest thing is to be unselfish and then we have the skilled players to have success. Then be confident we will win every week.”

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