D.J. Eliot on Stoops, sacks, Southern Miss, Jacob Hyde

Jacob Hyde

Jacob Hyde

Here is what Kentucky defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot had to say at Friday’s Media Day:

On feeling confidence in the defense …
“I feel more confident in our secondary. We have very skilled players and I think we have a lot of talent at the other positions. I think we have a chance to be good at the other positions, too. Training camp is going to determine how well we play and how well we develop.”

On sensing a different type of confidence in Coach Stoops …
“I think Coach Stoops has had a plan in place since we have been here. We feel like the pieces are falling into place and I think that he is confident. I will tell you there hasn’t been many times when I have been around him that he wasn’t confident, so I do sense a confidence in him and I think that it will transfer into training camp and into the season.”

On improving on sacks and the defensive line this year …
“It’s important ultimately to keep them out of the end zone and how you do it is going to be different ways. Your skill set is going to be different on where your talent is and who your best players are at each position. We’re going to emphasize on improving on our pass rush and techniques. We’re going to continue to harp on that throughout training camp.”

On starting off the season against Southern Miss and Shannon Dawson being the offensive coordinator
“It hasn’t been a distraction. As much as it is an advantage, it can be a disadvantage. I’m comfortable in what he does, but also he is comfortable in what I do.”

On Jacob Hyde being a factor at the nose guard position …
“I don’t know. He had a good spring, he’s working with the twos right now. We have 29 practices this training camp. There’s still a lot to be determined. I think that Jacob has the right attitude. Jacob has the character that we’re looking for. Jacob has the work ethic. Jacob has all of the intangibles, I have been very impressed with what type of person he is and the effort that he has put in. However, where his role is, it is too early to tell.”


  1. They all seem very confident, Stoops, Eliot, Gran, etc. There is a lot on the line this year IMO. Man does this team ever need 6 or more wins.

    1. Yep, this team needs to put their stamp on the program. And I believe they will do just that.

  2. We’ll see…

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