Could Drake Jackson handle redshirt year with no media interviews?

Drake Jackson

Drake Jackson


He’s one of Kentucky’s big-name recruits in the 2016 freshman class, but Woodford County offensive lineman Drake Jackson says he does not know what to expect this season.

“I don’t think anybody knows. Coaches just tell you to do your best and that is my expectation after this spring and summer. Let the coaches decide the future,” Jackson said.

He says offensive line coach John Schlarman has been “great” to play for.

“His good days and bad days are not much different. Every day for him is consistent and that’s the great thing about him. He has been great. He really knows what he is doing,” Jackson said.

What about a redshirt year for Jackson, who was recruited as a center but has also been playing guard?

“I would love to hear that I am not being redshirted, but whatever is best for the team is what will happen,” Jackson said.

Media members are pulling for Jackson not to be redshirted. If he is, he will be off limits to media members all season. He’s such a great quote that being off limits for interviews would be he heartbreaking.

What about Jackson? Could he go until March without doing interviews if he is redshirted?

“That is a hard thing to do, too. I would have to suck it up I guess,” he said.


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  1. On the one hand, a red shirt won’t hurt him. He’ll grow some more and get stronger, he’ll learn his craft a bit better, and it shouldn’t hurt his academics either. On the other hand It’s not bragging when you can back it up with performance. I like guys with a swagger that outplay their peers. If he is being groomed for the center position, it’s best for the team to have another four year guy in the wings when Toth graduates. The center position is the most underrated position on the team. Good centers are very hard to come by. Take the redshirt if it is offered. The press will just have to suck it up!

  2. I believe swapping a year 1 for a year 5 is always the best choice for building a strong program unless the player is so good that he will not be around for a year 5 even if it is available to him. This approach requires discipline by the coaches who are under severe pressure to win now, which detracts from their need to strengthen the program.

  3. Red shirt Drake if they can. Less talk and more work is better for the freshman right now IMO.

    1. “Less talk and more work is better”. Beautiful LP. Absolutely beautiful.

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