Calipari “not worried” about North Carolina series

Tyler Ulis, Derek Willis, John CalipariBy LARRY VAUGHT

If the Atlantic Coast Conference goes to a 20-game league schedule to help the ACC Network, North Carolina coach Roy Williams says the Tar Heels would not consider an annual game with Kentucky.

What does John Calipari think about that?

“It would be disappointing if North Carolina and Louisville and those teams in that league say, ‘We’ve got too many games, we can’t play you.’ But obviously we’re Kentucky, we’ll get our games. I’m not worried about it,” Calipari said.

Then he took a little shot at the Tar Heels and Williams.

“I always have liked the North Carolina game, but as our fans have found out it’s us that they watch. It’s not the other teams. They’re not so up on who’s doing what. It’s about our team. Obviously we’ll have one of the best schedules in the country,” Calipari said.

“If it doesn’t include North Carolina, we’ve got UCLA, we’ve got Arizona State, we’ve got all these other teams. The (SEC-Big 12) Challenge, which is Kansas. Probably forgetting some others. Who else? I don’t even like to look at the schedule to be honest with you.”

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  1. Was Loserville included in this? I can’t imagine them dropping UK from their schedule since their fans live for nothing else but to beat UK. I’m not sure they would even have a team if they didn’t want to beat UK so bad. Then again they haven’t had much luck with that. Maybe it would be a good idea for them to give up. 😀

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