Why did Muschamp bring former UK offensive coordinator Roper to South Carolina?

Q. Will, what was it that you saw in Kurt Roper as — at Florida that made you want to bring him back to South Carolina?
SOUTH CAROLINA COACH WILL MUSCHAMP: Well, I look at the development of the quarterback position, and obviously some guys at Duke and at Ole Miss, and the short-term development of a guy like Treon Harris. I thought he did a really good job of giving us an opportunity late in the year as far as that’s concerned. So, that, number one.

Number two, I think he’s a really good play-caller on game day. I think in a year of transition, under the circumstances, we were in our last year in understanding what was at stake, which he understood what he was getting into. I thought he did a really good job. We averaged 32 points a game. We played extremely well at times in the season and at sometimes still had deficiencies in some areas.

Second to last thing, he’s a great staff guy. He’s an easy guy to work with. He’s a guy that you enjoy going to work with every day in the building. He’s got a wonderful wife and kids, and he’s a wonderful father.

So, I think all of those things combined make it a really simple hire for me. Also, he coached Connor Shaw at the Cleveland Browns this past year. Connor Shaw endorsed him to the South Carolina people as far as a coach, a technician, and a guy that’s certainly going to help us move forward.

And we’re very similar schematically to what Coach Spurrier was before. There’s a lot of similarities, a lot of carry-over because of Shawn and because of like-minded thinking as far as Coach Roper is concerned. So I think that’s made our transition offensively much smoother than maybe my situation before.


  1. I read a lot of stuff on coaches that didn’t work out at KY and went on to other places and did well. Certainly, total team chemistry is part of that but what it gets down to is talent. If you bring good talent in, coaches can make a positive difference and that talent can make those coaches look very good. But absent talent, Nick Saben couldn’t win a pee wee football tournament. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. You gotta have the horses!

    1. I can’t remember which coach it was who said “The better talent I have, the smarter I get as a coach.” But that is a true statement.

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