Tennessee coach emphasizes “one-second rule” on social media

Here’s what Tennessee coach Butch Jones had to say about players using social media during the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Tuesday.

Q. Coach, how does your staff monitor what players say or do on Twitter or social media? And do you see a benefit to players being on those sites, or is it more a necessary evil that the coaches have to deal with?
COACH JONES: Well, I’m living proof, because I’m finding out in the Jones’ household. I have three children, and their phone is always attached to their hands. And this is a society that has grown up now where you broadcast your emotions over social media.

So, we do a lot in terms of education, educating our players with our Fourth-and-1 program, you know, once you push send, there’s no getting it back. So, you know, I don’t believe in just taking it away from them, but we do — we try to — we do monitor it in terms of — because everything is a teaching tool. Everything is a learning experience. So we look at that.

But I think more, we invest in terms of the educational process of what it is and what it stands for, and it’s a tremendous opportunity. It’s a tremendous platform to sell your personal brand, to sell your teammates, to sell your program, to sell academics, all that goes into it, and I think it’s always the one-second rule. In one second your life can change. So, before you push send, you better make sure that it’s something your family would approve of. So, it’s constant education, but we do monitor it just so we can make those educational situations as they present themselves.

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