Swings for Soldiers continues to be special for Tammes

Blue 6 Media Photo

Blue 6 Media Photo


When Jacob Tamme and his wife, Allison, were leaving the golf course after hosting Swings for Soldiers, a golf scramble to raise money to build homes for wounded veterans, he was sure this might be the first and only time they would host Swings for Soldiers.

“We made it happen that first year and we did everything from making every phone call to printing cart signs on our computer at home,” Tamme said. “We were out there at 5 in the morning to putting out hold signs and the day lasted until 11 p.m. It was a long day, but awesome day. Still, I wasn’t sure we could ever do this again.”

That changed before he left the golf course. He was walking out with his wife along with Chase Matthews, a wounded veteran with two prosthetic legs, and his wife.

“I am thinking this went great but I am mentally and physically exhausted. I just did not know if we could ever do this again. We had our own family,” Tamme said. “Then Chase looked up from his wheelchair and said, ‘Hey Jacob, next year I am going to play in this things.’ Small words can create a big change.”

The Tammes knew then they were all-in with this event and have continued to watch it grow and prosper. You might see Tamme washing a golf cart or greeting a company president. He might carry golf clubs from a car to a cart. His wife might work the registration table, coordinate volunteers or do numerous other jobs.

This year’s event will be July 18 at the University Club of Kentucky just outside Lexington. The previous six events have raised over $500,000 to help build specially adapted homes for severely wounded veterans and their families.

“When people get there, I try to greet everyone so they know I appreciate them supporting our event, but more importantly supporting these veterans.”

The event has both morning and afternoon tee times. It has major sponsors and hole sponsors (which are still available by contacting Amanda Zachary at (859) 619-0008 or amanda@swingsforsoldiers.org.


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