South Florida apparently under NCAA investigation


Former Kentucky assistant basketball coach Orlando Antigua’s brother has had to resign from his staff at South Florida amid reports of a NCAA investigation according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

Orlando Antigua has been head coach at South Florida for two years after spending six years at Kentucky. His teams have gone 16-47 in those two years.

In a statement released, USF indicated it is working with the NCAA enforcement staff to investigate an inquiry into “potential violations of NCAA bylaws and university standards” by one of its programs.

“Because the University of South Florida is committed to protecting the integrity of the investigation and ensuring those involved receive fair treatment, we cannot provide any details about the investigation at this time,” the statement said.


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  1. Sad to hear this.

  2. How is Antigua’s brother tied to Orlando? Is Orlando responsible , in the eyes of the Indy Gestapo, for the actions of his brother?
    What violations have supposedly occurred?
    Not one of your very best Larry and now, with the moron from ESPN in on the action (you know he would love to somehow involve Cal in this) it may be worthwhile to keep a jaundiced eye on this Goodman character. He’ll lie if he has to. It’s what his ilk do.

    1. Persimmon Knob maybe not one of my best but I can’t make up information that is not out there. Brother was on Orlando’s staff and now he is gone. Bottom line, not good for O

      1. I understand your position Larry, it’s just that this Goodman character has “been after” UK and Calipari for more than just a while. It seems that this could be another of his witch hunts unless he has some verification regardless of the whereabouts of this brother of Orlando’s. As you may infer, I wouldn’t trust most of that espn crew as far as I could throw any of them. I’d accept Orlando’s explanation long before I’d even think about anything Goodman might say..

  3. Persimmon that’s what I like about Larry he doesn’t make up stories to make a buck like most media does. You had a lot of nerve to say in your column.. Larry is the best in what he does

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