Saban helped provide football equipment to high school teams impacted by West Virginia floods

Hoover, Ala. — Here is a question that Alabama coach Nick Saban got during his appearance at SEC Media Days Wednesday.

Q. Coach, good morning. I know the West Virginia floods affected you personally, as the tragedy hit the residents in the communities. I know also you’ve formed a partnership with FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher to help be able to raise those donations of high school equipment to the football teams. So, I’m wondering if you could elaborate on how the partnership from the initial onset was formed and how you’ve done in raising those donations.

COACH SABAN: You well, you know, Jimbo is one of those guys that coached for us for five years. We probably grew up less than 10 miles apart in West Virginia, where our hometowns are. Also Rick Trickett, who is his offensive line coach, grew up near there. Joe Pendry, who is on our staff, grew up in Oceana, which is really closer to where the floods occurred.

So there’s a lot of sort of tie-ins there. And Jimbo and I both wanted to do something that would be helpful to — I mean, we made contributions to, you know, some of the flood relief to help the people, but we also wanted to do something to help the young people who seasons could be wiped out if we can’t replace the equipment that they lost in the flood. And I think it was a great idea.

And I think it was Coach Trickett’s idea that he presented to Jimbo and I both. And so he and Joe Pendry did a lot of the background on this, but the NCAA was very cooperative, as the SEC was, in giving us a waiver to allow us to do this so that we’re hopeful that we have a really, really positive response so these young people will be able to play.

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