Thank goodness, Lamar Thomas not closing Twitter account

Lamar Thomas (Vicky Graff Photo)

Lamar Thomas (Vicky Graff Photo)


Most days Twitter is fun. But not today.

First came the announcement by Oscar Combs that he would not be part of the UK Radio Network pregame coverage during basketball and football any longer.

Then came this real shocker from Kentucky receivers coach Lamar Thomas on Twitter:

After much consideration I’ve decided to officially retire from Twitter before camp starts. Thank you.✌🏿”


Since Thomas came to UK from Louisville, he’s been a treat on Twitter. He has about 10,000 followers and his retirement tweet was the 1,483rd on his UK Twitter account.

Just a bit earlier during the UK Alumni Club luncheon in Louisville, Stoops had said he was fine with Thomas’ demeanor as long as there was substance to go with the flair — the same message Thomas has given his receivers since his arrival.

Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran was a graduate assistant at Miami when Thomas played there in 1990-91.

Does Gran like his swagger and does that help his players?

“I think there is a good mix there. The social media stuff, I don’t know much about. I am a seasoned coach. That stuff doesn’t do anything for me. You have to be on it and do it to communicate with kids, but that’s not me,” Gran said.

“But we needed a little swag at that position I think. Along with that, you have got to have discipline. If you are going to have the swag, you better back it up. You better not swag around me if you are not going to compete and make plays and not do your job. You better close your mouth and get your nose to the grindstone until you can get that stuff done.”

Thomas knows that. But he also knows how to have fun. Thirty minutes after his Twitter retirement, he was back.

“30 mins later , I just couldn’t Live with myself !!!!! …………I’M BACK,” he posted on Twitter.

Now if he can just bring back the consistency and big plays with UK receivers.



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