Move to UK an opportunity, not a gamble for Eddie Gran

Eddie Gran

Eddie Gran


Did you ever wonder why offensive coordinator Edd Gran left Cincinnati, where he had one of the nation’s most productive offenses and all kinds of job security, to come to Kentucky?

The Kentucky offense has struggled. Coach Mark Stoops has yet to have a winning season. The Southeastern Conference has some of the nation’s best teams.

So I asked Gran why he left and if the move was a career gamble for him.

“It doesn’t matter where you are at in this profession. It was the right time to be with a great man in Mark Stoops,” Gran said.

“I think what they have done the last four years has been unbelievable. I am coming in at a great time. They are hungry. They have had some unfortunate situations. They know they were close to winning a lot more games.

“Whatever it takes to get to the next step is what we are going to try and do. But to me, it is not a gamble. To me, it is a great opportunity.”


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  1. This is the year we turn the corner. The synergistic relationship between Stoops and Gran is why we’re going to see an SEC caliber football team this year.

    GO CATS!

    1. I sure hope you are right Norm. Corner turning events for KY football are rarer than hen’s teeth.

      1. I hope so too RJ.

  2. Earlier in the week I believe I read that Stoops was rated the 70th best coach in D1, and today I read that the Orlando Sentinel rated UK the 74th rated team in D1. Folks, does UK not deserve a better coach and program for all the money invested in Stoops and staff? Barney got hood winked on this hire. Stoops should be head recruiting coordinator and not HC. If we lose that first game the wheels could come off in a hurry. Maybe Gran saw this as his best opportunity for a bump up.

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