Meeting Oscar Combs was “landmark moment” for Tyler Thompson

Oscar Combs

Oscar Combs


Today on is going to be officially Oscar Combs Day.

The legendary University of Kentucky media personality announced Thursday he was going a “different direction” and would no longer be part of the University of Kentucky Radio Network presume show for basketball or football.

Obviously Kentucky fans took to Twitter to thank Combs for all he’s done for UK sports since founding The Cats’ Pause in 1976. But Combs is just as beloved and respected by media members of all venues and age groups.

So during the day, I am going to share what some media members sent me when I asked them for their thoughts on our friend, Oscar Combs.

Tyler Thompson, Kentucky Sports Radio editor: “Oscar Combs has been as much a part of my UK fanhood as any player or coach. Growing up, I read the Cats Pause magazine, religiously, waiting by the mailbox for it to come in so I could pore over the pictures, articles, and, of course, Oscar’s columns. In fact, when I went away to college in North Carolina, my father forwarded my subscription so I could keep up with the Cats in Tarheel and Blue Devil country.

“Trips to watch the Cats in Rupp were never complete without listening to Oscar on the pregame show in the car, and when I transitioned to covering UK as a member of the media, meeting him for the first time was a landmark moment. Since then, I look forward to conversations with ‘Mr. Combs’ about everything: UK sports past and present, life, frogs.

“As the editor of UK’s most popular fan site, it never escapes me that Oscar laid the path for us so many years ago, and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.”

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