JoJo Kemp knows about cooking

JoJo Kemp (Vicky Graff Photo)

JoJo Kemp (Vicky Graff Photo)


There’s a lot of things to like about Kentucky senior running back JoJo Kemp from his personality to his aggressive play to his confidence in himself and his team.

But did you know he has another talent that teammates also real like — cooking.

“I do like cooking. That just came about growing up. I am the oldest with a little brother and sister,” said Kemp. “My step-dad was a good cook and so were my mom and grandmother.

“I not eat a lot of fast food. I do some work in the kitchen and like doing it.”

He says his best meal is chicken alfredo and notes his teammates like to enjoy it.

“I am a seafood person. I love crab, shrimp. I can get snow crabs at the market, or at least enough to make it feel like home,” Kemp said. “My teammates know I am big on seafood and they love to come over to eat.”

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