Jeff Drummond: Combs is “living, breathing encyclopedia of UK and SEC knowledge.”


Today on is going to be officially Oscar Combs Day.

The legendary University of Kentucky media personality announced Thursday he was going a “different direction” and would no longer be part of the University of Kentucky Radio Network presume show for basketball or football.

Obviously Kentucky fans took to Twitter to thank Combs for all he’s done for UK sports since founding The Cats’ Pause in 1976. But Combs is just as beloved and respected by media members of all venues and age groups.

So during the day, I am going to share what some media members sent me when I asked them for their thoughts on our friend, Oscar Combs.

Jeff Drummond, publisher: “Oscar no longer being on the UK Radio Network will take some time getting used to. I’m sure it will be an odd feeling those first few times we tune in and his voice is not there. I feel like I’ve known Oscar my entire life, which is roughly as long as The Cats’ Pause has been around.

“My mother subscribed to the publication in the 70s, and I began reading it from a very early stage in my life. It probably had a big impact on me pursuing a career in sports journalism. Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy my pregame and press conference chats with ‘O,’ who is a living, breathing encyclopedia of UK and SEC knowledge.”

Next: Tyler Thompson of Kentucky Sports Radio.

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