Eddie Gran: “You better not swag around me if you are not going to compete”

Eddie Gran once coached  new UK wide receiver coach Lamar Thomas in college. (Vicky Graff Photo)By LARRY VAUGHT

New Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran will be counting on new receivers coach Lamar Thomas to make sure players catch more balls and make a lot more big plays this season than they have the previous three years.

Gran and coach Mark Stoops convinced Thomas to leave Louisville to come to Kentucky. Gran has obviously been a popular addition with the players. Here’s what Gran recently had to say about Thomas.

Question: What about your relationship with receivers coach Lamar Thomas?
Gran: “I actually coached him back in 1990 and 1991 at Miami. It was coach Stoops who had a good list of candidates for the receivers job and we brought some people and we worked together. As coach Stoops did that, we talked to different people and he was the guy.”

Question: Do you like his swagger and does that help his players?
Gran: “I think there is a good mix there. The social media stuff, I don’t know much about. I am a seasoned coach. That stuff doesn’t do anything for me. You have to be on it and do it to communicate with kids, but that’s not me. But we needed a little swag at that position I think. Along with that, you have got to have discipline. If you are going to have the swag, you better back it up. You better not swag around me if you are not going to compete and make plays and not do your job. You better close your mouth and get your nose to the grindstone until you can get that stuff done.”

Question: Do you see receivers that can do the job?
Gran: “I do but they have a lot of work to do. Summer critical for them. We have high expectations for this offense and I believe they can do it. They have to believe they can do it. They know the expectations we have and know what it will take.”

Question: How many receivers do you like to use in a game?
Gran: “Whatever guys that know what to do and can make plays. Usually seven, eight guys. If playing tempo and get 80 plays a game, they all have to play to be at a high level and be really good.”

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