Does Gran want to play Landon Young, Drake Jackson?

Drake Jackson

Drake Jackson


Kentucky football players report for preseason camp next week and two players that certainly will get a lot of attention will be in-state offensive linemen Drake Jackson and Landon Young, both true freshmen.

Both were five-star players and Army All-Americans who never wavered in their commitment to Kentucky.

“If we are depending on a freshman to come in and help us win this year, then we are not doing very good at what we did before,” said offensive coordinator Eddie Gran. “If you get freshmen that come in and play, it has to mean you did a phenomenal job in recruiting for them to be playing.

“I think they both … any of those freshmen coming in have a chance play. Coach Stoops would tell you if they are mature enough and good enjoy, let them play. We don’t even talk about redshirting. That is the great part about it. Writers are going to pump them up and all that to raise expectations, but come on.”

Is the hype good during recruiting season but not so good when players actually get on campus?

“Why? So you can make them a four-star or five-star? You don’t know about any of those recruits for three years,” Gran said. “We can jack them up all we want, but we have to make sure we have a great evaluation of those kids. We are not taking them based on star rankings.”

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