Wynyard wants to give UK physical presence

Tai Wynyard (UK Athletics Photo)

Tai Wynyard (UK Athletics Photo)


Tai Wynyard knows coming in for a semester at Kentucky last year helped him even if he did not play in games and only practiced.

“Coming in earlier has gotten my conditioning up more. It got me to see how I can work back home. Obviously back home you don’t get that much conditioning or that kind of work,” Wynyard said Wednesday.

He does hope he can help Kentucky’s inside game next season.

“I mean hopefully I have a role on this team. Everyone on this team wants a role,” Wynyard said. “The first thing in the first meeting that Coach Cal said was that none of you have been promised minutes, none of you are promised anything. It’s all just completely open.”

And what can he bring to the team?

“’m going to try to dunk on everyone if I can. I’m going to try to be physical. I’m going to try to play strong by setting great screens and getting rebounds and things like that,” Wynyard said.

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  1. ” The New Zealand Nightmare & Superman ” …. I think are Cats will be real strong down low, even dominating in many Games.

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