Too much: Long-time fans say they are priced out of UK football tickets/games

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


Kentucky officials recently announced that season ticket sales were running about 20 percent behind from last year’s sales. Personally, that surprised me because I thought the total would be lower based on what I had been hearing from fans.

Two veteran fans took time to post these comments here and I just wanted to make sure you saw them because — and I might be wrong — but I think a lot of fans are this way.

Fan one: “I’ll turn 70 in Feb 2017. I never thought I would say this but I’m out for renewing my season tickets for this fall. With K-Club, ticket costs, hotel bills and gas, it was costing me nearly $500 a game to attend. Now it’s going to cost me another $500 to park for basically 4 games! Last year when I renewed, I was switched to the visitor’s side of the field and not very good seats. It’s just not worth it anymore. Maybe I can catch some SEC Network games or play by play radio like when I was a kid, but UK has priced me out of the market. Sad, but I guess that’s life. Go Cats!”

Fan two: “I would like to get this off my chest by adding my two cents worth. The big shots have to charge so much today in order to pay all these coaches and AD’s their millions of dollars in contract salaries, and state of the art facilities to keep up with everybody else across the land. I get that. With UK football, that really hurts because they can’t ever beat, generally speaking, anybody of any importance it seems.

“The average guy today was priced out of this market long ago. I choose to watch UK on TV now, and go watch Eastern Kentucky play on a poor man’s salary when I want to see a live college football game. I park for free in Richmond a close walk to Hanger Stadium. Sad to see, but I been saying it for years now. It will only get more costly too, you can count on that. Thank the Lord for the SEC channel.

“It boils down to you’re personal priorities, and mine does not include paying big bucks to watch Kentucky football lose year in and year out. With that said, let me add for effect…GO CATS!!!!”

Again, the scary part of UK football here should be that these are two die-hard fans who will still support UK but just don’t want to pay the big bucks to watch in person.

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