Stoops on Brooks: “We love having him in Kentucky”

Mark Stoops, Rich Brooks, Jim Kovach and Jeremy Jarmon. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Mark Stoops, Rich Brooks, Jim Kovach and Jeremy Jarmon. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


FRANKFORT — It’s always good to see former Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks and he was a popular man at today’s Governor’s Cup in Frankfort.

So I decided to ask current UK coach Mark Stoops, who could be on the hot seat in his fourth season at UK just like Brooks was, what was the best advice he had received from the former coach.

“There’s a lot of good advice I’ve gotten from coach Brooks. We’ve been known to have a few bourbons together, and it gets real deep at that point,” Stoops said.

Believe that.

“No, you see – last night if you were at the cocktail party, the first thing you see is the great respect from his previous players and all the people that worked with him and coached with him. I haven’t heard it lately, but when I first got here they said, ‘You remind me of coach Brooks.’ I said, ‘Well that’s a real compliment,’ because I think the world of him,” Stoops said.

“I always tease him, say he’s a Hall of Fame coach. He says, ‘My record is not good enough.’ Well I say, ‘You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.’

“He’s spoke to our team whenever he’s around, he always visits with myself and my staff. He’s a great man, great leader. He’s always willing to help and do anything he can to help our program move forward. We embrace that and we love having him in Kentucky and we love having him here today.”


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  1. Good to see Coach Brooks back in KY and glad to know that Coach Stoops holds him in high regard.

    After listening to an interview with Hinshaw, I am convinced that this is the year turn the corner.


    1. Coach Brooks retired to soon in my book Hated to see him go. Truth be known, he was instrumental in pushing strong for facility upgrades that finally came after he left. He was a real good football coach. He took the UK job when nobody else wanted it. It took him awhile but he had UK winning some games, and bowl games at that. He beat LSU when they were ranked No.1, probably one of the biggest wins in UK football history. He reminded me of Jerry Claiborne. His last years at Kentucky were pretty sweet. Stoops can recruit better I guess, but he ain’t no Rich Brooks. He is smart to take his advice.

  2. Some of us wish that Brooks was still here. He still looks very good for his age. Stoops has just lost Mac Jones to Alabama…Damien Harris who? Guess you can’t blame the kid but not sure he knows what the word “commitment” stands for.

  3. Stoops still hasn’t shown that he belongs at UK or the SEC…he is a great recruiter and salesman to do the job on Barney but has still not shown that he can coach or develop players. The first game is critical. We come out of that with a W things will be looking up. We take a L and things could unravel in a hurry. It is tough staying pumped up for UK FB.

  4. This will be a tall order for Stoops this season with the schedule we have. The hope I have are Hinshaw and Gran who have significant experience at their positions. The Key is also Barker and the OLINE.

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