SEC coach says UK will be “much improved”

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky fans hope one anonymous Southeastern Conference coach is right about the upcoming season.

“Kentucky will be better, much improved. They will knock a knot on somebody’s head unexpectedly. They’re very well coached. They have come close in some games and won some games people didn’t expect the last two years,” the coach said in an interview with Lindy’s College Football Southeastern magazine edition.

“At some point in time, Mark Stoops will get it hitting on all cylinders. Is it good enough to say he won’t do anything other than go to a bowl and win a bowl game. No. But they’ve got good players, better team speed on offense and defense.”

The coach, like most UK fans, believes quarterback play will determine UK’s fate next season like it will for a lot of SEC teams.

“They play together defensively and are tough, hard-nosed, sound. I think the up-tempo, no-huddle offense they run has put a lot of stress on their defense, which masks the fact you don’t realize how improved they are on defense.”



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  1. The final comment about the defense being masked by the offense is interesting because I have heard several Big Blue fans make the same point. There is no doubt that the offense and defense affect each side of the ball, but if you want to give the defense credit for points handed to opponents by the offense (reducing the effective defensive efficiency) then you must apply an equal debit to the offensive side (reducing the effective offensive efficiency) by the same amount. Therefore, the net efficiency remains the same, and UK ranks near the bottom of the SEC in net efficiency as it enters Stoops’ 4th season at UK.

    I agree that the absolute value of offensive or defensive efficiency are subject to such adjustments, and for this reason, I place less significance on either of them. However, the Net Adjusted Efficiency, ANE, is not affected by these adjustments, and there is a substantial difference between a team with an ANE of about 0.75 ppp and a team with an ANE above 3 ppp, and that is the difference that UK must close if it wants to be truly competitive for SEC Championships.

    For this reason, the excuse for the defense is really nothing more than a throw away praise line that has no real substantive value.

    1. I agree. looks to me like we could be “Much Impoved” & still not move up a lot on the SEC ladder. I know that you have posted this info. before but i am interested in the ANE for the rest of the SEC teams. Could you post a link?

        1. Thanks for posting this.
          Always knew the SEC West was stronger that the East & this data shows why.

  2. I hope the mystery coach is right, but I doubt it.

  3. I’ll turn 70 in Feb 2017. I never thought I would say this but I’m out for renewing my season tickets for this fall. With K club, ticket costs, hotel bills and gas, it was costing me nearly $500 a game to attend. Now it’s going to cost me another $500 to park for basically 4 games! Last year when I renewed, I was switched to the visitors side of the field and not very good seats. It’s just not worth it anymore. Maybe I can catch some SEC channel games or play by play radio like when I was a kid, but UK has priced me out of the market. Sad, but I guess that’s life. Go Cats!

    1. RJ welcome to 21st century big time college athletics. I know you already know this, but since you brought it up, I would like to get this off my chest by adding my two cents worth. The big shots have too charge so much today in order to pay all these coaches and AD’s their millions of dollars in contract salaries, and state of the art facilities to keep up with everybody else across the land. I get that. With UK football, that really hurts because they can’t ever beat, generally speaking, anybody of any importance it seems. The average guy today was priced out of this market long ago. I choose to watch UK on TV now, and go watch EKU play on a poor man’s salary when I want to see a live college football game. By the way, I park for free in Richmond a close walk to Hanger Stadium. Sad to see, but I been saying it for years now. It will only get more costly too, you can count on that. Thank the Lord for the SEC channel. It boils down to you’re personal priorities, and mine does not include paying big bucks to watch Kentucky football lose year in and year out. With that said, let me add for effect…GO CATS!!!!

  4. I hear ya LP. When I was finishing my post graduate work at EKU, my wife and I had seasons tickets. That was back in the Roy Kidd days. I went back a few years ago to visit and my word what a change. I guess I never saw it coming at UK but like a big rock there it was hanging over my head when I was setting down to renew my UK tickets. I ran the numbers and I had to ask my myself ” have you lost your mind?”. I graduated from UK got my masters from EKU and I will have to say that I enjoyed football at EKU much more than in Lexington. I will always be a UK guy but I really miss the glory days of Roy Kidd football. That’s also where I learned my expectations of what a good football team could do…

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