Russ Yeast de-commits from Kentucky


Russ Yeast, the son of former UK great Craig Yeast, de-committed from UK’s 2017 recruiting class Thursday.

“I would like to thank the whole BBN family of fans and coaches for the wonderful opportunity in this recruiting process. After much discussion with my family, I have decided I will back off my commitment to the University of Kentucky. I truly feel this is the best course of action in order to make the right decision for me,” Russ Yeast posted on Twitter Thursday night.

His father led the Wildcats in catches four straight years (1995-98) and is still the all-time leader in receptions (208), receiving yards (2,899) and receiving touchdowns (28). However, Russ Yeast has impressed recruiting analysts with his defensive skills and even his father has admitted that his best position as he continues to play could be cornerback.

Russ Yeast has offers from Louisville, Cincinnati, Indiana, Mississippi, Iowa and more. His late aunt, Keisha Tillman Kirkland, was a standout athlete at Louisville and his father almost went to Louisville before picking UK.



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  1. Someone has gotten in his ear to the effect that Coach Stoops will not survive at UK and a coaching change would occur during his time at UK. I have read that he is backing off of his commitment because he does not want to endure a coaching change.

    Not sure who is putting this word on the street or in his ear.

    It appears the 2017 recruiting class is in jeopardy.

    1. Sorry Prof. I dont buy your naysayer assessment. The 2017 class is not in jeopardy. We lost a quarterback to Bama and while I hate to see Yeast go… fact is the talent at the receiver and secondary positions is plenty deep and Russ could be looking at some serious time on the pine. No harm, no foul.

      GO CATS

      1. Right on Norman, I agree. The UK secondary is in fine shape. That is probably where Yeast would have played too. UK don’t don’t need him. They do need to keep the rest of this class in tact and add a few more late bloomers. They will.

  2. First, that was not MY assessment, but simply passing on what I had read at 247Sports earlier on this issue. Second, the sweet lemons approach is a common one for fans, but this kid is the son of a UK football legend, and if this program wants to establish any traditions, don’t you think it is important to maintain that type of continuity?

    The 2016 season is critical for Coach Stoops. Wins will heal many wounds, and the 2017 recruiting process will take care of itself by the signing day. However, absence of wins this year will continue to unravel the 2017 recruiting class, and give opposing coaches reinforcement for their pending coaching change warnings they are already sending out to 2017 recruits.

    1. First of all… Sorry Professor but it does indeed appear to be YOUR assessment. I read the same article and the CJ article. There was no mention of motivation in either one, let alone any mention of “not wanting to endure a coaching change”.
      Secondly… the list of schools offering him scholarships isn’t exactly tops on the “Who’s Who” list of collegiate football. And why is that??? Maybe because Yeast is a 3 star recruit everywhere but Scouts (where he’s a 4). RJ is right, these kids aren’t stupid. This UK secondary won’t be fielding any 3 star recruits and suspect that was painfully clear to Russ.
      All that said, I would have loved seeing Craig Yeast’s son be a Wildcat but fact is… that’s not going to happen. As for me, I have no “sweet lemons” approach to my life, especially when it comes to UK football. I am a realist, plain and simple. I am a realist who gas grown horribly weary of unrealistic spoiled fans screaming for Stoops’ head. Coach walked into the worst situation possible, starting his head coaching career at the helm of an SEC bottom dweller with mostly empty cupboards populated in large part by bad apples. This will take time. Those who profess that we should already be upper echelon have absolutely no understanding of the game.

  3. I’m sort of lining with the professor but for a different reason. These kids aren’t stupid….well, most of them anyway. By the time they get this far they have talked to just about everyone. So they have pretty much heard it all, good and bad. Also, they have pretty much lived football their entire lives and at this stage of the game most of them are better at reading the tea leaves than most sports talking heads.

    Fear can be a tremendous motivator.

  4. Norm. You are very much spot on. It’s going to take a long time to build a decent football program at UK. I’ve been waiting for it for 50 years! And with KY’s schedule it’s not likely to happen this year. I know a little bit about building a successful program as I built one when I was in business. To borrow a cliché “it’s sort of like eating an elephant. You have to do it one bite at a time”. Building a winner at UK is a big elephant no matter who the coach is. Will Stoops be the one to do it??? School is still out. He is making very good moves with recruiting so I give him an A in that subject based on what the previous coaches have done. Is it going to be good enough?? Next, Game planning and coaching, gets him a C at best, and that’s a gift, based on performance. We don’t know how much was Dawson or how much was Stoops overriding Dawson so game performance is a big mystery. But certainly does not give him an A. Next his administrative abilities seem a tad lacking in my eyes. Screwing Dawson right after he opened his mouth to the press about how much confidence he had in Dawson to get his past first choice OC handled poorly at best. Secondly, he may have actually wanted the two QB’s leave the team but he lost control of the narrative and he made himself, and by extension UK, look bush league. Can’t give him better than a D in this department. So, does he deserve a change to build a good team. Sure he does. But he has a lot to learn about head coaching and a very short time to do it.

    1. RJ, I agree with you completely. I too have spent most of my career building teams in a competitive business environment. And as you know, learning how to do that effectively is an “on the job” training experience. That said… I can’t argue with your grading system although I would give him a C for the quarterback thing (still feel there’s more to that story than meets the eye).
      But I firmly believe Stoops has what it takes. He just needs time. I feel very strongly that we need to openly support him, affording him every opportunity for success. That’s what true fans sre supposed to do.
      I think the new coaching hires are excellent, seeming to mesh well with his style and belief structure. And as you well know… it’s lonely at the top, but far from a one man job. The keys to success are often held by your management team. Corporate culture is an exhibited mindset not a management edict.
      For me? I think Stoops has the management team he’s been looking for and I can’t wait to see what rabbits this bunch of winners can pull out of their hats. It’s going to be exciting.

      GO CATS

  5. You and I are pretty much on the same page. But, while Stoops needs more time I’m not certain that UK management and boosters will be that patient. Personally I think Stoops is a couple of years away from putting a great product on the field. I think he should get that time and more. When he came here, UK was at ground zero. I think he has done a heck of a job. But, I’m not paying his salary. Reminds me of my days in business!!!

    1. I’m in on giving Stoops time. I didn’t like the Dawson firing, but it’s Stoop’s team. He calls the shots and lives or dies with them. I think he gets 2 more years, 2016 and 2017. The wins have to start coming, or it will get ugly quick. For starters, Stoop’s team better beat Southern Miss out of the gate this year. Plus UK faces them away in 2017. If Stoops wins 6 or 7 games in 2016, with the schedule he faces, he should be “Coach of the Year.”

  6. “That his son would publicly de-commit from his father’s alma mater raised a red flag with regards to the Big Blue and offered continuing confirmation of an unavoidable truth: Mark Stoops needs to win games.

    According to the experts, the Kentucky coach has recruited well his first three years on the job. Most of that has been based on the promise of what Kentucky would do under the former Florida State defensive coordinator, however, not on what it had done — just 12-24 overall and 4-20 in the SEC.

    That faith-based approach only lasts so long. At some point, a program has to deliver victories.”

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