QB Mac Jones decides Alabama now best for him

Mac Jones (Rivals.com Twitter Photo)

Mac Jones (Rivals.com Twitter Photo)


After saying for months that he would stay firmly committed to Kentucky, Florida quarterback Mac Jones flipped his commitment to Alabama Tuesday.

He was UK’s first commitment in the 2017 recruiting class and the highest ranked commitment.

“I would like to thank the University of Kentucky for recruiting me,” Jones posted on Twitter Tuesday night. “However, an opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself to my family and me. I am happy to say I will continue my football and academic career at The University of Alabama. I am 100% committed, Roll Tide!”

Earlier Tuesday Rivals.com elevated Jones to the No. 165 prospect in the 2017 recruiting class and No. 8 pro-style quarterback.

He got his offer from national champion Alabama after making an unofficial visit to UK in April and that news caused a bit of panic in the Bluegrass.

“I was telling people that not many people can say they got an offer from Alabama. That is a crazy accomplishment,” Jones told me then. “My family and I were very happy about that offer. You have got to evaluate everything. It’s about where you can play, be good and be comfortable there.”

Jones went on several radio shows in Kentucky to let UK fans know he was still fully committed to the Wildcats after the Alabama offer came. He even said a scholarship offer from Florida would not change his feeling about Kentucky.

He’s had not wavered in his commitment to UK despite numerous scholarship offers and had done all he could to help bring more players to Kentucky.

“I have been talking to recruits and putting them in a group chat on Twitter. Who we want to commit we put in that group chat and try to convince them to commit,” Jones said recently. “I put Tyrell Ajian in the group chat and a week later he committed. I plan to keep doing that, too.”

Just not for Kentucky but that’s a risk that was more than worth taking for UK to just have a chance to land a player this good.




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  1. Can’t blame a kid for changing his mind but after all the publicity saying he was committed, etc etc, it really doesn’t help his image that much either. Either way. Good luck and he better hope Nick Saban doesn’t recruit over him.

  2. While I understand the idea that a commitment means nothing in football recruiting, I do not understand why it must be this way. When a recruit announces a commitment, that commitment should be honored by the recruit and all competing coaches, with only one exception. The exception is if the recruit decides, absent meddling or influence of other coaches, decides to reopen his recruitment, then he notifies the coach to whom he committed that he will rescind that commitment and reopen his recruitment, and then publicly announce that he has reopened his recruitment. This places total control within the recruit’s domain, and brings integrity to the college football coaching fraternity.

    But, I have been told by others that the college football fraternity will never agree to such a sane process because most of them are unwilling to honor a recruit’s public pronouncement of a commitment. That is a very sad commentary about the college football coaching community.

  3. Should come as no surprise . The coach who led the recruitment effort directed towards this kid was Shannon Dawson. Dawson is gone, why should his recruit hang around?

    1. Amen!!

  4. Ouch! !

  5. There’s a 50/50 chance that the kid will never see the light of day at QB at Alabama. 1. he does not have the size. 2.Success at this position is about having the numbers. When you can pick from 4 or 5 QB’s like Alabama can, you can generally get a good one. The other 3 or 4 hang around on the pines for 4 years. From a 16 or 17 year old kid, the word commitment has no meaning and our fan had better start to understand that.

    1. I agree. Actually his chances are probably worse than 50/50. Alabama typically signs a QB every year and recently its been about 5 QB’s every 4 years. And recently they are all 4 stars.

      All of you are right about the word commitment – It means nothing in recruiting. They need to eliminate that word until the kid has signed.

  6. Well.. next man up. Hate to see this kid pass on UK, but these things happen. Interestingly enough, we’ve now lost 2 key recruits to Alabama in the last 3 years.
    Looks to me like we’re keeping pretty good company.

  7. I’ll say what I believe all UK fans feel right now but are afraid to say it, “the hell with Saban and Mac Jones!” Don’t need him anyway, he’s to wishy washy for me. Don’t have much use for a man, young or old, that don’t keep his word, so I’l justl root on Drew and Gunner, and hope UK can find another young QB just as good in the 2017 class. This hurt UK big time. Thanks a bunch Mac for nothing.

  8. This makes you appreciate the commitment that Drew Barker made and stuck to even when Steve Spurrier and South Carolina came after him hard.

    1. Amen to that Brother

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