One school dominates college basketball’s most hated players list


Normally if the Sporting News comes out with a list of the top anything in college basketball it is going to have a Kentucky connection. If not, UK fans are likely going to be upset.

However, I do not think Kentucky fans mind not having a Wildcat on the list of the 16 most hated college basketball players of all time. Kentucky did not even have a player make the honorable mention list.

But guess which school dominated the most hated list? That’s right, DUKE.

No surprise that Christian Laettner, who broke UK hearts in 1992, came in first. At No. 4, there was J.J. Reddick.

Steve Wojciechowski ranked 10th, Bobby Hurley 11th and Grayson Allen 15th.

Duke also had Shane Battier, Greg Paulus and Danny Ferry on the honorable mention list.

Former Ole Miss standout Marshall Henderson was fifth. I actually thought he might be higher.
Second was Jalen Rose, a bit of a surprise to me. Joakim Noah came in No. 3.

But again, not a single Kentucky player got a mention.

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  1. I would have Wojo higher after his academy award acting job trying to get Magloie tossed from a game. It’s like they revel in being low lifes at Duke. Their fans are trash talking drunks. Their coach encourages a-hole behavior in his players. And he represents the USA in the Olympics. That just ain’t right. The guy is a slime ball.

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