John Robic on SEC’s basketball profile


During the SEC coaches teleconference Monday, several coaches were asked about raising the profile of SEC basketball.

Kentucky assistant coach John Robic had an interesting answer.

“We’re getting ready to start our eighth year here at Kentucky, and the one thing I will say in coaching for a long, long time, you have really, really good players in this league, and terrific coaches. From one through 14,” Robic said.

“I was listening in, but I think the other coaches have made great points. I think with you have the addition of Mike Tranghese with his experience, Dan Leibovitz, who I know personally from way back when he was coaching, I think it’s invaluable what they’re going to bring to the table.

“I think the teams are looking at their schedules a little differently and trying to improve those. You could see that the last couple of years, that that’s really stepped forward for those programs.

“Just being able to see a lot of our games on TV, every team, not just Kentucky, is great. I think what you see is I think schools have really upped their recruiting to where they haven’t been before and are getting really talented players.

“It takes time, but I think with those things that I mentioned I think if the teams do what they’re supposed to do on the floor I think the league will take another step up.”

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