Jake Buerger on his father: “He really is one of the nicest and easy to like people you’d ever meet.”

Mark Buerger made sure his son, Jake, grew up a Reds fan.

Mark Buerger made sure his son, Jake, grew up a Reds fan.


Father’s Day has a different meaning for all of us but since Sunday is my day to be with the one and only Mark Buerger on Sunday Morning Sports on WLAP — I think this is now seven years together — I thought it might be interesting to get a few Father’s Day insights from Jake Buerger.

He is a recent Lexington Catholic High School graduate and soon to be freshman at the University of Louisville. He’s a terrific young man and I know he often just has to shake his head at his father’s antics/tantrums.

But there’s no doubt he admires his father. Enjoy his thoughts.

Question: What is it like being Mark Buerger’s son knowing his propensity for saying such outlandish things?

Jake: “It’s pretty interesting. You never quite know what he’s going to say next. Sometimes just watching TV or something like that, I’ll hear something that I know will get him riled up, and I’ll just smile and know something great is coming. My youth sports days were probably the height of the crazy. He helped to coach a lot of my teams, and my friends and I have some pretty incredible stories of rants to officials. Sports always seems to make him go the most crazy, as I’m sure you, Anthony (White) , and Curtis (Burch) know.”

Question: What is the craziest thing you have seen your dad do or heard him say?
Jake: ” Like I said, the height of the craziness was back when he was helping coach. During one particular Babe Ruth game, one of my classmates got stuck in a rundown between first and second, with my dad coaching first base. My friend dove back to first, and was called out on a close play. My dad, let’s say disagreed with the call. When the umpire yelled, ‘He’s out!’ my dad immediately screamed back ‘NO HE’S NOT!’ The umpire just shook his head while the head coach tried to calm him down, and my friend had to tell him that he got tagged to get it to stop.”
Question: How often do you listen to him when he’s on air?
Jake: “I listen as often as I can. Usually I’ll wake up and play video games while listening to you all on my phone, but I’ve missed a lot of shows for work and Sunday long runs in the morning. I don’t think there’s ever been a weekend where I haven’t listened to at least one segment though.”
Question: What’s one thing about your dad you wish more people knew that they do not?
Jake: “Despite all the craziness that we all know and love, he really is one of the nicest and easy to like people you’d ever meet. He can get along with pretty much anyone, especially sports fans. You wouldn’t think it if you just turned on the radio mid-rant on a Sunday, but he’s always friendly if you meet him in real life.”
Question: How did your dad and mom handle your choice of going to  Louisville?
Jake: “They’ve been about as supportive as a pair of UK-loving parents could be. They were open to me going anywhere I wanted when I applied, so long as I stayed close enough to visit. That being said, they are not about to support Louisville just because I’m going there. My favorite Louisville-related story to tell people is that when we took my last college visit, we stopped by the bookstore to look around. I thought it would be funny if we put on Louisville hats, with me smiling and him frowning. His response was as loyal as a UK fan’s could be: ‘I’m not putting that on, and I am NEVER being photographed in this place.’
Jake Buerger, age 3, with his father and younger brother.

Jake Buerger, age 3, with his father and younger brother.

Question: What makes your dad so special to you and why do you guys seem to have such a special relationship?
Jake: “I think that sports have made us as close as we are. I’ve been watching Reds games with him since I was a baby, and we’ve watched more Reds and Bengals games than I can count. Not only that, but he’s been watching me play baseball, basketball, and run for as long as I’ve done it. He was the one who suggested I run track, and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Sports bring people together, and I think that’s what’s done it for us.”
Question: Finally, if you could give your father anything you wanted for Father’s Day, what would it be?
Jake: “I would love to get tickets for my dad, grandpa, brother, and myself for a Reds game. For as much as we love them, we don’t go to many games. I think that if we got tickets for all of us together, it would be an unforgettable Father’s Day.”


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