Isaiah Briscoe on Willis: “I still have his back 100 percent”

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)


Sophomore Isaiah Briscoe plans to do all he can to support senior teammate Derek Willis after his arrest for alcohol intoxication over the weekend.

“What happened with Derek, that’s him,. That’s personal to him. I still have his back 100 percent. I’m sure the whole team does also,” said Briscoe.

Kentucky coach John Calipari has never been one to make rash decisions about player discipline and has yet to make a public statement about this. Willis did come back to Lexington after being released from jail in Boone County Sunday morning to tell the UK coaching staff about the incident.

Briscoe said teammates like Willis and that the senior is one of his favorite teammates.

“I don’t think nobody ever had a problem with him. He made a mistake. He has to deal with it. It’s fine, and I still got his back,” Briscoe said.

So does Willis’ girlfriend, Keely Potts.

After video from a police cam was released Wednesday in connection with Willis’ arrest, here’s what she posted on Twitter:I love my boyfriend. And I will stand behind him through ANY and EVERYthing thrown our way.”


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  1. The only reason the TV news show the video one is who he was and second one is make a buck. We all make mistakes in our life time . No reason for them show casing it.. Derek will be fine and life goes on.

  2. Derrick Will Perform and His mishap will be a lost memory, as he drains 48% from the three ! Also His inside Game will improve. Derrick has additional motivation, to prove to His Team, that He WILL NOT let them done….” He’s already made His apologize ” let
    s leave Him be and watch His actions.

  3. LarryC Amen to your post. Go Cats!!

  4. I have an idea that Willis may be more motivated now with what happened than might have been if not had happened. He also has a very special GF. Looking for a great year out of him.

  5. Geeze Mike just because he made a mistake, doesn’t mean he’s not motivated for the season. This video should have been shown that cop or police dept captain should be fire it’s all about making a name himself..It’s a insult to him like you never made a mistake.

  6. I am glad he didn’t kill himself or some innocent person. Drunk drivers do every day. Many more mistakes like this and he may not see a senior season. UK basketball players draw a lot of attention. Just the way it is. I thought Willis was smarter than this. If this was a Louisville player or UNC player, we would be crying for his head. Hey I was young and crazy once. Willis must learn from this.

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