Gran not counting on Boom Williams yet

Drew Barker and Boom Williams are two key offensive players returning for UK. (Alex Otte Photo)

Drew Barker and Boom Williams are two key offensive players returning for UK. (Alex Otte Photo)


Most consider junior Boom Williams the best running back at Kentucky. But as of now, new offensive coordinator Eddie Gran is not one of them.

Williams missed spring practice due to an elbow  injury and Gran made it clear that Williams has to show  him what he can do when practice resumes in August.

“I think we are deep and have a lot of guys that are competing at running back,” Gran said. “I know nothing about Boom Williams, so right now the ones I am counting on are the ones I had this spring.

“Boom is rehabbing and doing everything he is supposed to do, so we will see. It will be wide open, but I like it because they are competing every day and they are trying to get on the field.”

But the message to Wlliams is clear — nothing is guaranteed to him when August practice starts.


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  1. I say Boom will see a lot of playing time provided he has no set backs with his injury. Good to hear that UK has plenty of depth at RB.

    1. Agreed LP. I trust Gran to put the right people in place. Boom had to earn this spot before and suspect he’ll do so again. If it turns out to be someone else, then we’re stronger at running back than we expected.

      GO CATS !!

  2. Gran will be a head coach very soon. Boom has had some problems in past seasons, mostly mental. Gran is telling him, if you want to play, you have to show me that you want to play and stop the distractions.

    I don’t think Gran lasts at UK more than 3 years. He’ll be a head coach somewhere.

    1. RJ, that would be great because it would mean the UK offense was phenomenal. But I have to see it to believe it

  3. I would wait and see how he does at UK RJ before I have him leaving as the head coach at some other school. He has his work cut out for him at UK for sure. I think he is a good coach and all, and don’t take me wrong, but the last Gran offense I saw in action scored 7 as I recall, and Cincy got clobbered in a bowl game. If his offense at UK thrives, he will be gone for sure.

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