Brooks: QB play last piece of puzzle for Stoops


Andre Woodson and Mike Hartline were not five-star recruits. They were not even four-star recruits.

Neither was Randall Cobb, now a NFL all-pro receiver who played some quarterback for Brooks.

However, what they all did for Kentucky and coach Rich Brooks was make plays to win games.

Brooks said UK’s current coach needs a quarterback to do the same thing — and hopes that Drew Barker is able to do that this season.

“The one shortcoming has been that the quarterbacks, highly touted, that he’s recruited haven’t turned out to be the four-star recruits that they were,” Brooks said.

“Fortunately we were able to have people at that quarterback position when I was here that made plays and played above their stars. So, I just think that’s the last piece of the puzzle right now.”


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  1. Right on Coach. You nailed it.

    1. I think he nailed it too my friend. Our raw talent is better now, but we need to see them grow… get coached up. Brooks was the best at finding jewels in the rough and making them shine.That is the experience factor.

      GO CATS

      1. Norman, Brooks knew a lot about football and how to prepare a team with less talent. His teams played hard nosed football, but were just not talent heavy, Cobb being the exception of course.

  2. The quarterback position will remain the focal point of the season. I’ve lived in many places during my career as a construction engineer and have come to the conclusion that the high schools in the Commonwealth simply can’t compete with states like Georgia, Florida, Texas and a few others when it comes to developing then sending the “skill position” players on to D1 colleges and universities. The last quality quarterback to come from a Kentucky high school was, in my mind, Tim Couch and that was awhile ago. Don’t even start with the “fat man” or Andre Woodson who was an Army brat who’s parents happened to be stationed at Ft. Knox during his high school years. I don’t see Barker as being much of an improvement over say a Morgan Newton. Both big, slow footed, scatter armed individuals who have questionable recruiting evaluations and ratings.
    This will be an interesting season and it MIGHT be a good one IF the “Kentucky Boy” can show a little improvement and hit his receivers. In his defense however, it’s hard to get the ball to a wide out when you are both slow and running for your life.

  3. You don’t have a good QB, you are not going to win games. Period.

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