Briscoe plans to lead by example

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)


Isaiah Briscoe plans to be a leader by example next year for Kentucky.

“That’s on and off the court. These freshmen came in and they look up to me. And, you know some of the guys last year look up to me and come up to me for questions like that, so my main focus this year is lead a young group, and lead by example on and off the court,” Briscoe said.

Briscoe said Wednesday that he didn’t think UK fans saw the real Briscoe last year and that he can run the team next season.

“That doesn’t mean score all the points. It just means making sure that everything is in order. Be a second coach on the court. You know, build a better relationship with Coach Cal. And, just lead the young guys. Like a floor general,” Briscoe said.


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  1. I know we got football to go, but can’t wait basketball season to get here

  2. Isaiah Briscoe, is one heck of a Baller…I feel this opportunity, for him to go to the NBA Draft Camp, and get a feel for the Pro Level expectations, has fired Him up, to comeback to Kentucky, with one thing on His Mind…” National Championship.” We Will See a Floor General in Isaiah.

    1. I think Briscoe is a baller, glad he’s back, but UK lost their Floor General. Hope they reload there. Go CATS!!!

  3. He has a lot of skills including shooting according to what he did before he got to UK. He seems like Darius Miller. Miller struggled to shoot well early on even though everyone knew he could shoot. Briscoe won the 3 point shooting contest at the Nike Summit. But he shot 13.5% for the Cats. Figure that out.

    1. King do you think somebody at UK messed with his shooting motion, kind of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.? He was known as a shooter before UK got him.

  4. Under Coach Cal, we’ve had quick Guards and we’ve had Strong Guards…Isaiah is Both. We’ve had Shooting Guards and we’ve had Driving Guards…Isiah offers us Both also, (shooting will materialize). Now with this being said, I don’t recall, a quick, strong, shooting, driving Guard with Isaiah’s height….You add Floor General and He would be special …Yes, I’m Optimistic….” I’m A WILDCAT ! “

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