Thomas believes unique Blake Bone “really wants to be good”

Blake Bone, left, would like to celebrate a lot more next season. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Blake Bone, left, would like to celebrate a lot more next season. (Vicky Graff Photo)


I still remember the first time I met receiver Blake Bone. I was on my way to Columbia, S.C., for the Kentucky-South Carolina basketball game two years ago and decided to stop by his school to see the recent Kentucky signee.

Bone was personable and engaging. I watched a highlight film with his coach and it was impressive. With his size and UK’s need for receiving help, I was sure he would blossom into a big-play guy on a consistent basis.

It hasn’t happened his first two years, but new receivers coach Lamar Thomas is hoping to change that next season.

Question: What lies ahead for junior Blake Bone, who has a bit of an unusual personality?
Thomas: “Blake Bone is an interesting fellow. I think he has bought in. He understands that I am going to be on him. I feel like he is one of those guys who has a lot of talent. You just have to continuously tap into it and you have to continuously have your thumb print on this neck. I love the kid. He tries hard. He wants to be great. He is one of those guys you have to baby a little bit, but he is a good kid. I am glad we have him.”

Question: Do you like a guy with a unique personality like that?
Thomas: “Any group you have that type of guy. All the groups I have coached, you have that one guy. You just deal with it. They are unique. Nothing wrong with being unique. In our world today, you have unique people. I applaud it but at the same time I like to think he really wants to be good. He has set the bar high for himself and every day is pushing to be better.”


  1. Blake’s turn. Catch the football Blake in 2016.

  2. I would hope that every player “wants to be good” The issue is doing the work to play at an elevated level consistently. We will see how that works out this fall.

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