Ready for lobster, whale watching, dune tour and lot more in Cape Cod

Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo

Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo


Over the last two days, I have driven just over 925 miles to reach Newport, R.I., and then today will be finishing by trip to Yarmouth, Mass., to spend a week in Cape Cod — my first visit to the area.

Thankfully I reached out to William DeSousa of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and he has helped set up several special outings for me.

Today it will start with a tour of the Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum in Providence. Naturally, my wife is all-in with this but the history of the museum also intrigues me. Then it will be off to eat at Malted Barley.

“They have about 25 beers on tap, food and house made pretzels served with various dipping sauces. Their soups are amazing, too! We had the tomato siracha,” DeSousa said.

That certainly should make the 75-mile drive to Yarmouth a lot easier.

Of course, Tuesday we stopped at Newport, R.I. What a delightful city with so many great views — and mansions. We strolled through the historic, downtown area just to get a taste of what Cape Cod might be like.

So what lies ahead this week?

Whale watching with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. Lobster. Dune tour with Rob Costa of Art’s Dune Tour. Clam bake. Visit to Nantucket Island with Hy Line Cruises. Local beers. Lighthouses. Seafood.

And guess what? One of the topics on a New York City radio sports talk show I listened to during my drive was Kentucky coach John Calipari and his obvious roots/ties to Kentucky. The show host said Ellen Calipari was a “small town gal from Kansas” who loved Lexington and was not about to let him leave.

Then the coverage of the draft lottery selection was full of Karl Anthony-Towns sound bites and photos.

I think Calipari calls all that the Kentucky Effect.


I plan to share some of my experiences here as I always do on my trips. Once again thanks to Verizon, I have a hotspot to keep me connected and the Galaxy takes great photos to share. Maybe not if we see a whale, but I will try.

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  1. Whale watching on the Nantucket side can be a real blast Larry. They are magnificent in every sense. We lived in Cedarville MA for three years during the construction phase of the Pilgrim Power Station and sitting on the deck in the late afternoon usually with a pair if binoculars never did reward us with a sighting inside the Cape. Good luck however. If you see one (or two,,,,) you’ll never forget them.

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