Marcus Lee says his return would lead to unbeaten UK season

Marcus Lee (Vicky Graff Photo)

Marcus Lee (Vicky Graff Photo)


Maybe Marcus Lee is just trying to establish his value to NBA teams. Maybe he’s just trying to build confidence in himself.

Whatever it is, Lee was having a John Calipari-like moment at swag at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago Thursday.

“I don’t think we’d lose at all next season if I come back,” Lee told media members at the draft combine.

Say what? Have I missed something here?

Lee is still deciding whether to keep his name in the NBA draft — he said Thursday he was “87 percent sure” he would remain in the draft. Kentucky coach John Calipari said Wednesday he didn’t expect Lee back either.

Lee has been a good player at UK. He was part of two Final Four teams but certainly has never been a dominant player. Maybe he just meant with the other players UK will have, his return would provide depth for an unbeaten team.

ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla calls Lee an “energy guy” that might get drafted in the second round at best.

“I know he’s a high-character guy. If he runs hard, plays hard, plays within his ability to defend and rebound and dunk, offensive rebound put-backs, run to the rim on pick-and-rolls, you know, he’s got a chance, he really does,” Fraschilla said. “Because I saw him in practice in October, and to me, he’s a big man project who somebody is going to likely draft in the second round, and if he’s not drafted, you’ll see him in Las Vegas running up-and-down the court in the NBA Summer League where he can prove himself.”

Fraschilla emphasized on an ESPN teleconference call that he likes Lee as a project.

“If a team drafts him in the second round or they sign him, I could see him being part of an NBA veteran camp, being signed to play in the D-League and just starting his career there, if he doesn’t want to go to Europe. But he’s a big man who runs the floor, plays with a good motor. He’s got a chance,” Fraschilla said. “He’s not skilled but he’s active and he’s got a good motor. He’s a 50/50 guy. It’s a 50/50 proposition that he’ll be on an NBA roster.”

And 50-50 is lot better than what I see UK’s chances of going unbeaten next season — with or without Lee.


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  1. If Lee truly believes, His Impact on Our New squad, would lead to an Undefeated Season….” He would pick up Millions more, in Next Years Draft ! ” Not Bad for a years pay, just to Play, @ UK….Probably be a lot of Fun and a heck of a ride !

  2. He sure had a lot of impact on this year’s team didn’t he? He must be alluding to his cheerleading skills from the bench.

    1. My post was meant to Challenge Him…not belittle him.

  3. Marcus has that potential, he has shown flashes of it just not constant enough. Ole negative Mike at it again!!!!!!

  4. Great article. I think Marcus is a great kid who never developed his “wanting” to go pro. I don’t think he bulked up at all in the time he was here. Regardless of that, I wish him well.

  5. Marcus Lee has drawn a line in the sand that demands that he made the NBA decision now. If he returns, he has set the bar at a level that he can’t deliver on his own, and creates a basis for conflict within the locker room, and if he leaves, at the first UK loss he can point to it with the old “I told you so” In addition, for whatever reason, Coach Calipari has already penciled him gone.

    I believe Bolden is waiting on the official decision by Lee to commit to UK, which is necessary to create a scholarship spot for Bolden.

    1. All Great Points !

  6. Thanks for the hard work Marcus. I wish you all the best. Go show em, or better still, come back and get better at UK.

  7. Now if Townes would have said that, well now were talking. I am guessing he can make the nba as a rebounder? Or stopper? With very little offensive game to speak of I am not sure how he could guarantee what he did.But whatever . People say stuff. Hey I wish him the best. Giver hell.

  8. Sometimes kids say things they wish they had not.
    Sometimes I say things that I wish That I had not.

    Hell, what is wrong with what he said?
    Is that not what many of our fans expect from next years team?

    What should he say; If I come back, we probably will lose a few games??

  9. Lee’s comment is also, a strait forward compliment to Our current Players and the incoming class !

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