Kentucky kids learn early that only colors that matter are blue and white

Voice winner Jordan Smith grew up a UK fan. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Voice winner Jordan Smith grew up a UK fan. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Vaught’s note: Andrew Day is sports editor of The Central Record in Lancaster,  Ky., and an avid University of Kentucky fan. He recently wrote this for his blog — — and I thought you might enjoy it, too.


From the day you are born in the state of Kentucky, you are taught a few things. How to respect others, how to grow your own food, how to love, and how to fight. But that’s not all that a Kentucky child learns. They learn a couple of other things that kids from other states don’t.


1. Besides God, and family, Kentucky basketball should be your number one priority.
2. Bringing up the name Christian Laettner is the fastest way to get in trouble.
3. Adolph Rupp is to be looked at like a God.
4. The only colors you need to own are blue and white.
5. When the Cats are on, the family sits around the TV and screams their heads off.
6. You were taught that blood was blue and not red.

Things were done differently in a household that was run by Wildcat fans. The way you and your father bonded from a young age was through basketball. The sport you and your brothers played was basketball.

You had a dog named Tubby, and a cat named Rupp. The walls of your bed room were painted blue and white, and no matter what the occasion was, if the Cats were playing, all plans got canceled.

That’s just the way life is done in the state of Kentucky, and it’s a beautiful thing. Some look at basketball as only a sport, but here in Kentucky, we look at it as a way of life. And it will be that way forever.

The last rule that every child is taught, is that win, lose or tie, you bleed blue until the day you die. Growing up a Wildcat is a little different, but it’s a way of life that will never end.

From the millions of Wildcats that have passed on, to the millions who have yet been born, the way of the Wildcat will live on.

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