Kentucky fan needs help to win new van

James Lee Mitchell

James Lee Mitchell


My friend, Amy Hayes, says University of Kentucky fan James Lee Mitchell of Hi Hat in Floyd County needs help from the Big Blue Nation to win a new van.

“This young man has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair bound. He is in a Hero of the Month contest. People can use their Facebook to log in without registration to vote for him,” Hayes said.

The link to the contest is:

Here is what Mitchell posted: “I have Muscular Dystrophy and I’ve been in a wheelchair since 1995. I have a 1994 Town & Country Wheelchair accessible van but within the last year it’s been having a lot of problems and the repairs seem endless to keep it running. The kneel system no longer works and it won’t even hold air because the air tanks have big holes rusted in them. So it’s being driven with the van at the lowest height and this has caused two mufflers to fall off and the entire exhaust pipe has been replaced twice. Also, the automatic ramp no longer works and the ramp has to be lowered and raised by hand.

“This has caused me a lot of stress and worry because I don’t won’t to go back to the way my life was before I had a wheelchair accessible van. Winning a new van would be a dream come true and it would last me for the rest of my life because I take care of anything that’s mine with kid gloves.”

So take the time to help a Kentucky fan. The process is not that hard — even I was quickly able to cast  my vote last night.


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