Kentucky coaches will do satellite camps in Ohio, Florida, Georgia

Stoops walks offBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops says he won’t do much different this summer in terms of promoting the UK football program to fans.

“I still have certain speaking engagements and obligations. I certainly do my fair share of getting around town and promoting the program. We need that support. I understand fans wanting to see a quality product out there as we do, so our players and our staff are working extremely hard and we’re excited and optimistic about this upcoming season,” Stoops said Wednesday on the Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference.

However, Stoops and his staff will be doing one thing a lot different — working at football camps in Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

Satellite camps simply allow college coaches to travel to work as guests at camps hosted by other schools. Last year Penn State coaches went to camps at Stetson and Georgia State as instructors and Michigan is going to high schools and small colleges in the south, California and Detroit this summer.

NCAA rules prohibit colleges from hosting camps outside of a 50-mile radius of their campuses. However, there is a loophole for now that allows a coach or staff to work at a camp at another school.

“We will take part in the satellite camps. I don’t think we’ll overdo it. We want to continue to get players on our campus throughout the summer and our coaches work very hard to get prospects on our campus and in our camps, to unofficially come see us in the summer and see our campus, get familiar with us,” Stoops said Wednesday.

“We want to continue to work that angle as well. We will take part; we’ll do several in Florida; we’ll do a couple in Ohio and one in Georgia as well.”

Stoops has already added four new assistant coaches to his staff and has one more vacancy to fill. However, he says UK’s “footprint” for recruiting will not change.

“With the guys that I hired, I think that was intentional, as well. I know recruiting success that guys have in certain areas. We need to continue to do that,” Stoops said. “We need to continue to do great in the state of Kentucky, we need to continue to do very well in Ohio and we need to expand and continue to get those difference makers and quality players throughout the south.”

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