Is Kentucky recruiting 7-foot standout DeAndre Ayton?

DeAndre Ayton signing autographs. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

DeAndre Ayton signing autographs. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


DeAndre Ayton is ether the best player in the 2017 recruiting class or at worst one of the top three players.  He’s a 7-footer with the ability to score inside, but also hit a 3-point jump shot. He runs the floor well and can use his athleticism on defense.

He’s still progressing and should only get better.

So why isn’t Kentucky recruiting him? Will he really bypass college to play overseas a year and then go to the NBA?

Kentucky hasn’t really recruited Ayton and at this stage I don’t think they plan to,” said Evan Daniels,’s national recruiting director. “Obviously I’ve heard the rumors (about not playing in college) and I’ve heard what he’s said. I haven’t seen his transcripts, so I don’t know what those look like.

“In terms of sheer talent, he can play anywhere in the country. At the same time, he’s a good enough prospect that a professional team overseas could certainly offer him some serious money.

“I think we are a long ways away from knowing what Ayton is going to do. If he ends up in college, Kansas is the safe bet right now.”


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  1. We all know how well Kansas has developed big men. Perry Ellis and the Morris twins spent way time there than they thought they would.

  2. When it comes to recruiting, not much gets past Cal. I’m comfortable that Coach knows what he’s doing.

  3. I enjoy following UK Basketball recruiting,especially during the off season. Every year since Cal arrived there has been top rated,5 star kids that Ky passed on…some even keeping UK on their list even though the interest is totally in their camp.and I used to scratch my head and wonder why. .
    I have seen over and over that invariably down the road the reasons come out..
    I even read once that Cal stops recruiting any kid that shows disrespect to a parent,guardian or grandparent,in his presence….Academics,attitude,character,off court issues,handlers,are just a few things that come to mind..
    If both UK and Duke aren’t recruiting Ayton you can bet there’s very good reasons
    Just pick one of the above..

    1. Exactly!

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