Denzil Ware tops list of players who impressed media


As part of a continuing series with media members who cover University of Kentucky football, here is a look at some of the players that impressed them the most this spring.

Question: Which player or players do you feel  made the biggest jump up during spring practice?

Mark Story, Lexington Herald-Leader: “Denzil Ware (15 tackles, five tackles for loss, four sacks) was the best player in the Blue-White game. It will be fascinating to see if that ability to disrupt from the defensive edge carries over to the fall against opponents’ first-team offensive lines.”

Freddie Maggard, Kentucky Sports Radio: “Denzil Ware was magnificent in the spring game. His 12.5 tackles, 4 sacks, and 5 tackles for loss are just what this defense needed. Offensively, interior offensive linemen. Jon Toth is the best center in the SEC. George Asafo-Adjei, Logan Stenberg, Bunchie Stallings, and Drake Jackson were excellent for the White Team. Can’t leave out the linebackers. They started slow, but ended with momentum. I’m no longer concerned about linebackers.”

Tom Leach, UK Radio Network/Leach Report: “Saheem King, Ryan Timmons, Jordan Jones, Derrick Baitty, Denzil Ware.”

Keith Taylor, Kentucky Forward: “Drew Barker grew leaps and bounds during the spring game and will have to continue to move forward in positive fashion. Liked the play of Shahim King and liked the way Denzil Ware played and competed on defense. Chris Westry was strong in the secondary as was Derrick Baity. Aside from a slow start, liked the way the offense played.”

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  1. Another of the L.A. (Lower Alabama) boy’s come to help! He’s a good one. Sure hope he gets those folks in front of him working so he can make tackles in the backfield for us.

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