Calipari says Barnhart on selection committee “good for everybody”


Remember after last year’s NCAA Tournament seedings were made how Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart voiced his displeasure with Kentucky’s seeding and being shipped to Iowa to play.

Now Barnhart has been added to the NCAA selection committee, a move that certainly will give UK coach John Calipari a friendly ear to voice opinions about the tourney.

On being in Mitch Barnhart’s ear now that he’s on the NCAA selection committee …

We talked about some other things and that didn’t even come up. It didn’t come up,” Calipari said Wednesday. “Now that he’s on the committee, the first thing I heard that they told him was, ‘Now that you’re on the committee tell your coach to shut his mouth.’

“No, they didn’t do that. I’m just kidding.”

Maybe, but based on how often Calipari bashes the committee, they might have.

“He deserves to be on the committee and he’ll do a great job. Look, he has to leave the room when they talk about us. So anyone that thinks it’s an advantage, it’s an advantage for college basketball because of him being on it. It’s good for everybody,” Calipari said.

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