Calipari: Cousins has MVP talent if team can win more


Sometimes former Wildcat DeMarcus Cousins will call John Calipari and ask him if he wants to coach in the NBA — Cousins will be on his sixth head coach next year.

Calipari says he always tells him no.

But what else does he tell Cousins?

He’s in a great frame of mind. They’ve just gotta get their stuff together so he can be what he is. Don’t worry about coaching. Don’t worry about anything. Just play and be an All-Star. If that team can win, if it can advance by the first round in the playoffs, I would say that he will be in the equation for MVP in the NBA,” Calipari said.

“He’ll be in the conversation, and he should be. He’s that good. He is that good. But you can’t do it when your team’s messed up. There’s no MVPs coming from a team that’s winning 25, 30 games. You gotta be a 50-win team, a 55-win team, you gotta advance in the playoffs and all of a sudden you’re one of the guys that they’re talking about. He’s got that kind of talent.”

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