Bill Clinton: “Go Big Blue”

Twitter Photo

Twitter Photo


Former President Bill Clinton was the first in-office president to attend the Final Four when he went in 1994 to support home-state Arkansas.

However, during his visit to Kentucky Tuesday to rally support for his wife’s presidential bid, the former president paid a visit to Kentucky coach John Calipari and got to meet Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker as well.

“Great to see you, Coach! Go Big Blue!” Clinton posted on Twitter after the visit.

Calipari posted photos on Twitter of him with Clinton as well as Ulis and Booker with the former president.

Calipari and Clinton have been friends for over 20 years.


  1. To bad. I just remember Benghazi and that says it all. Not a fan of the Clinton’s Calipari can have him.. If she is elected President, God help us.

  2. Was Monica with Slick Willie when he stepped off of the bus? ……Inquiring minds want to know!

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