Art’s Dune Tour provides unforgettable experience

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed Art's Dune Tour in Provincetown.

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed Art’s Dune Tour in Provincetown.


PROVINCETOWN, Ma. — A dune tour? I wasn’t exactly sure what that would be when it was recommended we should make the drive to Provincetown to spend a few hours with Rob’s Dune Tours.

Am I ever glad that we did.

My wife and I have had a great time in Cape Cod and will leave with many special memories. None, though, will top the 2 1/2 hours we had on our off-road experience through the National Historic Dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.

First, Art’s Dune Tour is the only company with the permit to take you through the majestic dunes — and to tell you how good it is the three people with us had been many, many times and plan to come back a lot more because the experience is that good.

We took the sunset tour and even though it was an overcast day with basically no sun, it didn’t matter.

You ride in an enclosed, air-conditioned Suburban — so you can wear about anything you want — with a driver/tour guide that can drive, navigate and talk non-stop. That also means the tour does not have to be cancelled due to rain and our driver said some of the most gorgeous views can actually be in the rain.

This was my view as we started our dune tour. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

This was my view as we started our dune tour. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Our driver tried her best to prepare my wife and I for what we were going to see, but words cannot adequately describe the beauty. We saw a coyote almost as soon as we got to the dunes and a baby fox as we were leaving. While driving on the the beach we also saw seals.
Our guide also pointed out the various plants growing in the area as well as the “dune shacks” where artists and writers apply up to five years in advance for the right to stay a week or more in the summer months even though there is no electricity or running water at the shacks.
During warmer weather, the sunset tour can include a traditional New England clambake with steamed lobster, clams, corn and either clam chowder or Portuguese kale soup.

We got to meet owner Rob Costa. His father founded the company 70 years ago and Costa said during the peak summer months he says up to tours stay full daily. He allows children of all ages to take the tour and also lets you bring beverages and snacks to enjoy during the tour.
Our tour allowed us about 30 minutes to sit on a nearly empty beach just before darkness and enjoy the beauty and peace that is simply inspiring.

The magazine, “Cape Cod Life,” has a 12-page spread on Art’s Dune Tour in its most recent issue. It’s great publicity for this historic attraction, but our tour passengers had one worry — it would attract even more customers to one of Cape Cod’s real treasures.
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