Are UK-Duke battling more in recruiting now than ever before?

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


As the Duke-Kentucky recruiting battle for five-star center Marques Bolden continues to drag on, it made me wonder if the two schools are really recruiting against each other that more often than they were 10 years ago or if the emergence of social media has just made it seem that way.

I asked Evan Daniels, national director of recruiting, what he thought.

“Duke and Kentucky certainly seem to be targeting a lot of the players year in and year out. At this point, they both have had quite a bit of success with one and done prospects, but also with winning and I’m sure the players see that,” Daniels said.

“I think it’s safe to say they’ve been recruiting more of the same players in recent years, but also I think social media and the extensive coverage of recruiting and visibility of recruiting information also makes it more obvious.”

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  1. Looks like Lee showing as much at the combine as he showed at UK last couple of years. If he does come back, I sure hope it isn’t at the expense of Bolden.

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