Wanted — leaders for the Kentucky offense


Who is going to be the on field leader for the Kentucky offense?

Don’t ask new offensive coordinator Eddie Gran because after Saturday’s scrimmage, he made it clear he was still looking for team leaders.

“When things go down, you can’t be up, down, up, down. Once something goes down, get them back consistent and be a leader. Who was that guy. I didn’t hear a soul out there. So absolutely. We’ve got to find those leaders and we’ve got to find them fast,” Gran said.

Gran says he sees players with potential to fill the leadership void.

“Everybody worries about what are they going to think of me and their peers and all that, and that’s horse crud. We’ve got to make sure we get that fixed. We’ll bring some guys in and we’ll talk about it and make sure we come to work on Tuesday with some guys not only guys with enthusiasm, but guys who are going to lead,” Gran said.

“And it’s going to be real leading, it’s not going to be fake. It’s going to be guys who have earned that leadership, they come out every day and the work. Guys that can be respected. I’ve talked to a couple of them about it, but it wasn’t good enough today. At the end of the day, it’s on me. They weren’t ready to go and we’ll get that fixed.”

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  1. Drew Barker? Jon Toth?

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