UK fans on Twitter share their love for Tyler Ulis

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


What are Kentucky fans going to remember most or miss most about Tyler Ulis?

Once Ulis made it official Wednesday that he would leave UK for the NBA, I posted that question on Twitter and I was not disappointed with the number of responses I got or how passionate and insightful they were.

So let me share some of the many, many responses that I got from fans about Ulis.

@Lonniestewart2: “I don’t know where to stop with accolades -use any / all superlatives -Best ever ? Maybe at guard ?”

@nora7823: “He’s so little and cute.”

@msdean29: “I absolutely love his smile. He has the best!”

@pwood399: “Liked how Ulis never quit his dribble until ready to shoot or pass the ball. His desire, consistency, toughness. Knowledge & understanding, court awareness.”

@cooktpc75: “Kids playing basketball today, hope you learned something because Tyler played the game the way it should be played with heart and a real desire to win. He would have fit in well with the Unforgettables with that desire to win. My favorite team of all time.”

@LanceS07: “I will always remember the shot of him at Louisville game with blood running down his face. He was the Card killer.”

@jblev64: “With @tulis3 on the floor, you never had to worry about the opposing teams pressure.”

@mrwildcat61: “Describe him like a big Hickory Tree. Took a beating every game from opposing teams, his will allowed him to stand tall.”

@jeffo77: “The way he could lead his team as high schooler was amazing. Was awesome to sit front row and listen to.him. The way he could see the game different from everybody else. Was always 3 steps ahead.”

@elizabethdawn: “Twitter does not have enough characters.”

@foreverukfan: “I never ever felt nervous when he had the ball no matter the situation. That’s saying something.”

@Sp0rtsFreq: “Despite being 5’9″, he signed to play w/ one of the tallest tms in college bbal history, yet never seemed SMALL! #Leader”

@BBNWarriorQueen: “He was the epitome of Refuse to Lose. You always knew that he was going to do whatever he could to help his team win”

@LMessJr: “He was perfect example of what happens when hustle meets talent. Kid never gave in or up.”

@kyleheine: “fearlessness”

@DrewYork9: “Was the ultimate team player – he could run the show w/ ease-score 20+ if needed & play lockdown D. One of a kind cat.”

@MrsCoachFoos: “His fight and his will to win. He never stops playing hard regardless of the score.”

@mark_collier22: “His never say die attitude. If you have Ulis as your PG, you know you always have a chance of winning.”

@RussellTony: “He was as good of a “triple threat” (shot, drive, pass) point guard as UK basketball has ever had. Fun guy to watch.”

@24_7cats: “Might be 5’9 but played like he was a 6’6 guard, you can’t teach heart.”

@gregwp34: “The fire and determination he had on the court. No one had more heart and drive than Tyler.”

@etcats2: “No fear! Every game he wanted it – Never quit!”

@bbn_forever: “I loved that he made amazing plays and all you could do is sit in awe. He was 5’9 but he sure as hell didn’t play like it.”

@BriEldridge: “I loved his fire and grit. There has been nobody quite like that kid. He was always a joy to watch.”

@bubenny5: “His intensity. You always knew Tyler was giving everything he had on the court.”

@LSGraphics2323: “He gave hope for all kids that love game under 6ft that if you work hard you can live your dream.”

@Linebeardkillla: “I’ve never cried for a player leaving but here I am at work balling my eyes out. Going to miss you at UK. #pointgod #bbn”

@John_Hunt12: “Never seen a 5’9 player dominant a game me be the best on the floor night in and out.”

@Timbiggs2Tim: “humility strong work ethic and great leadership. And most of all a Christian. He is not politically correct.”

@Kelleydavis0918: “his heart, smile, determination, gut it out personality, ability to have fun & seeing him as a kid at Cals Lady Clinic”

@black32000: “he doesnt listen to those who say “you can’t…..”

@KSP182: “He played to be the best he could be and for his team, not for himself.”

@jay_mcknight365: “Loved that he embraced his size disadvantage and turned it into an advantage on the court. A true David slaying Goliaths”

@ForeverBigBlue: “He always gave 100% in every game. Never gave up fighting & was the toughest man on the court, every time.”

@VelcroGang: “His basketball IQ is on a different level. Having that much knowledge on the court AND a Lion’s heart, is rare.”

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