Twitter dare turns into unusual date for Mercer County student

Chelsea Bemiss wore Grayson Blevins' football jersey for an engagement picture. Now she's headed to prom with Blevins.

Chelsea Bemiss wore Grayson Blevins’ football jersey for an engagement picture. Now she’s headed to prom with Blevins.


Charlie Cox has learned a valuable lesson — never doubt the power of Twitter.

Cox is an assistant football coach, assistant athletics director and teacher at Mercer County High School. His mother, Tina Cox, is a contributor and also writes for Cameron Mills.

I’ve known Cox all his life because my son is his age. He’s also been a Kentucky fan and played football at Boyle County under Chuck Smith, who spent eight years coaching at Kentucky.

Cox thought it was funny when one of his players, Grayson Blevins, asked if he could take Cox’s fiancee, Chelsea Bemiss, to the Mercer County prom April 23 if he went on Twitter and got 1,000 retweets of his request. Cox thought he had no chance at doing that, so said fine. He also forgot to mention it to Bemiss, a big mistake.

“I had no idea until it was already posted on Twitter and Charlie said he hoped it was okay,” Bemiss said. “I thought it was funny. I never once thought it would get as crazy as it did. I never once thought he would get to 1,000 and kind of forgot about it.”

Bemiss had chaperoned Mercer’s 2015 prom with Cox. They are scheduled to be married June 11.

First, though, she will be going back to prom as Blevins’ date. He got the 1,000 retweets in less than 36 hours thanks in part to Cox’s former Boyle teammate, NFL tight end Jacob Tamme.

Even some of her co-workers at Ephraim McDowell Memorial Regional Hospital in Danville joined in the fun.

“I told a few of them thinking the would take pity on me and instead they ended up joining Twitter so they could rewet,” Bemiss said.

She’s going to help her future husband pay off the bet. She had actually wore Blevins’ football jersey for an engagement picture and that help plant this idea in Blevins’ mind.

“I told Charlie there better be a corsage and the whole nine yards involved,” she said. “I am really not sure what all is part of the bet. I am not sure what might have been in the fine print. But it is all in good fun, I guess.”

Bemiss understands her future husband’s players “love giving him a hard time” and he loves every minute of that.

“But this most definitely will be the last bet with me involved,” she said. “Payback will be sweet.”

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